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Co-occurring Substance and Mental Disorders

Co-occurring Substance use & Mental Disorders Treatment

  • substance use

  • mental disorders and/or cognitive behaviors

All disorders and/or behaviors are addressed simultaneously by the same clinician at the same place and at the same time. This treatment protocol prevents individuals from seeking mental health services from one provider and substance abuse services at another. Motivational Enhancement Theory combined with Cognitive Behavioral theory is the preferred intervention model supplemented by Self-Help group attendance.  

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Culturally Diverse Services

  • Cultural Diversity

  • We provide services for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender & Queer community.

Cox Behavioral Healthcare provides Mental Health services to children, adolescents and teenagers (ages 6-18).  Services include mental health evaluations, individual and family therapy to provide psycho-education, increase coping skills and communication skills.  Specific problems include, but are not limited to:

  •  Acute Stress Disorder  |  ADHD    |   Anger Management  |   Anxiety |   Bullying |   Depression
  • Gender Identity Issues |  Self-Esteem Issues |  Self-Harming Behaviors |  Sexual Abuse |  Substance Abuse
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Gender Specific Counseling Services

These services are gender specific.

  • Treatment for women

  • Treatment for men

Women’s issues in counseling may include concerns related to gender stereotypes within the workplace, biological, social, and environmental challenges that can have a significant impact on your mental health and well-being.

Statistically, men do not typically seek counseling. When they do common areas of concerns are depression, stress, anxiety, and relationship concerns.

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Pyscho-sexual Evaluations

Psychosexual Treatment includes:

  • Psychosexual assessments

  • Building Boundaries Treatment Program

  • Objectives

Levels I: for minor offenses and assessed to be at low risk to re-offend; Level II: for moderate offenses and mental emotional or behavioral disorders requiring more intensive mental health counseling; and Level III: for individuals with moderate to serious offenses and/or transitioning back into the community from jail, prison, and/or residential treatment facilities.

Roadmap to Recovery Program: a program specifically designed for youth between 6-12 years of age with sexual acting out behaviors.

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A large number of couples go to the altar without the benefit of professional marriage counseling. Many couples spend more time talking about what type of desserts will be served, and the genre of music that will be played at the reception, than about what they expect from each other as husband and wife.

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Trauma Informed Services

Trauma is a deeply disturbing event that infringes upon an individual’s sense of control and may reduce their capacity to integrate the situation or circumstances into their current reality.

  • small ‘t’ traumas

  • large “T” traumas

When most people think about trauma, they tend to think about those who have been exposed to war, combat, natural disasters, physical or sexual abuse, terrorism, and catastrophic accidents. These are some of the most profound, and some may argue the most debilitating, experiences one can endure. However, a person does not have to undergo an overtly distressing event for it to affect them. An accumulation of smaller “everyday” or less pronounced events can still be traumatic.

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