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Psychosexual assessments: conducted according to ATSA approved practice guidelines and supplemented by a number of established testing tools including Static-99 R, ERASOR, RRASOR, Abel Screening for Sexual Interest, PSI, Adult Pornography Screen, Hare Test for Pathology.

Building Boundaries Treatment Program: intensive individual or group therapy for adolescents and adults in need of improved interpersonal boundaries and judgment related to sexual acting out.

Objectives: victim empathy, insight into behavioral issues, ongoing risk assessment, correction of thinking errors, improved social skills and development of safety plans.

Levels I: for minor offenses and assessed to be at low risk to re-offend; Level II: for moderate offenses and mental emotional or behavioral disorders requiring more intensive mental health counseling; and Level III: for individuals with moderate to serious offenses and/or transitioning back into the community from jail, prison, and/or residential treatment facilities.

Roadmap to Recovery Program: a program specifically designed for youth between 6-12 years of age with sexual acting out behaviors.

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