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A large number of couples go to the altar without the benefit of professional marriage counseling. Many couples spend more time talking about what type of desserts will be served, and the genre of music that will be played at the reception, than about what they expect from each other as husband and wife.

One reason premarital and marital counseling are so important: both offer couples an opportunity to honestly discuss their worries, wants, and needs in a secure, stable, and neutral environment. Honesty, and the ability to be honest with one another, is the first step in establishing a strong marriage relationship. Unfortunately, many couples jump over this step in the attempt to make their future or current mate happy. Issues are buried, or glossed over as unimportant, leaving both individuals with a temporary false sense of security.

 Targeted premarital/marital counseling can assist couples in identifying, discovering and correcting potential destructive challenges in their relationships, while simultaneously strengthening areas that have been the foundation of their initial commitment.

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