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Psycho-sexual Evaluations

Assessment and Treatment Plans

At Cox Behavioral Health, we offer psycho-sexual evaluations and recovery plans to help promote personal responsibility, model a healthy sex life, develop victim empathy, gain insight into behavioral issues, provide ongoing risk assessment, correction of thinking errors, improved social skills, and development of safety plans.

These treatment plans can be classified into three different levels.

  • Level I: for minor offenses and at low risk to re-offend.
  • Level II: for moderate offenses and mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders requiring more intensive mental health counseling.
  • Level III: for individuals with moderate to serious offenses and transitioning back into the community from jail, prison, and residential treatment facilities.

Psycho-Sexual Assessments

Conducted according to ATSA approved practice guidelines and supplemented by a number of established testing tools including Static99R, ERASOR, RRASOR, Abel Screening for Sexual Interest, Psychological Screening Inventory, Adult Pornography Screen, Hare Psychopath Test.

Building Boundaries Treatment Program

Intensive individual or group therapy for adolescents and adults in need of improved interpersonal boundaries and judgment related to sexual acting out.

Roadmap to Recovery Program

This is a specially designed program specifically for youth between 6-12 years of age with sexual acting out behaviors.

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