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Ashley Doerr

We all face trials, setbacks, and challenges in life. One of the biggest struggles we face is having healthy relationships. In order to have healthy relationships, we need to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and be willing to forgive when offended. I enjoy working with individuals, families, and helping couples navigate relationships. I also work with people who have anxiety, depression, addictions, marital/relationship issues, pregnancy/postpartum, parenting, and stress. The goal for my clients is empowerment to find freedom, peace, and balance in their lives.

I believe counseling is a place to learn and grow. I will inspire clients to find the solutions to their dilemmas within themselves using evidence-based techniques. We have the freedom to choose what directions our life takes, and the responsibility to take control of that freedom. Regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, or culture, I am on your team!

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